Speaking Clock for your Photos.


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Goto SW England Nasa Clock If you would like to personalise the clock with your photo's. With a unique address you can bookmark. Use the contact page to e-mail upto 10 photos to me.

Photos should be good quality and at least 196x196 pixels in size. View a sample page.

Ancient Eygpt Clock Don't forget to give a page title (upto 25 characters) and a description (upto 20 words) and optionally a link address. Also tell me the voice you want (currently Microsoft Sam, Mary or Mike).

Photos can be of people, places or anything you want and ideally should have a theme.

I reserve the right to refuse any images or text.

Photos remain your property, your sending them gives permission to show the photos on this site.

What's the Catch? The ad on the left hand side of the clock. If you would like a web page or a web site written for you (and optionally hosted too) goto Bristol PC Services.

Peter Frost.

Bristol Clock Home.