About the Clock Faces used in the Bristol Speaking Clock.

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Hotlinking is blocked on this site. Larger mostly 800x600 versions of these photo can be seen on the:- Bristol jpg photo site.

Most are on the 2004 page, the exceptions are Vincent Van Gogh/Bristol Brass Band/The Bristol ½ Marathon are from the 2003 & Thomas Chatterton in 2005.

These are only images used on the Bristol Clock face.

Other clocks use different graphics.

Avon Gorge View North

Bristol Brass Band

Cabot Tower

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Powerboat Racing

Fallow Deer

Red Deer in Ashton Court

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bristol 2003 Marathon

Bristol Marina

Clifton Observatory

Red Deer in Ashton Court

Greville Smyth

Vincent Van Gogh Balloon

Windston the Dog Balloon

Thomas Chatterton Statue

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