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The speaking clock is based on mp3 sound clips produced using AT&T's Natural Voice Reader software. For a review of this free software, with links to the Natural Voice site, see Natural Voice Software Review - Bristol Diabetes.

Goto Pixelperfect Clock The clips are either 32Kb per second audio or 56Kb per second. All audio is in the form of mp3 files with the speaking clock clips between 10 and 25Kb in size

The chimes and hour stroke are recorded from a grandmother clock at 32Kb per second. They are based on the Westminster chimes.

Hands, clock face and timer functions are generated using Javascript.

Problems with Audio.

If you have problems and the clock fails to speak or chime. The most common problems are: -
  • Netscape browsers are not supported.
  • The Firefox browser insists on a Quicktime plugin, even if you have Microsofts media player loaded - maybe they have something against Microsoft :-).
    Note: The latest version of Firefox now works with MS Player October 2005.
  • No audio mp3 player on the pc. A mp3 media player must be set-up as the default player for mp3 files.
  • No power to the loudspeakers, volume to low or sound muted.
  • Javascript switched off.
  • Dial-up with a very slow connection may not load the audio clip quickly enough or may have a long delay before speaking.

The time spoken is the local time. Windows 2000 & XP pc's are usually set-up to pick up accurate times from the internet.

Peter Frost.

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